Anyone wanna play a game?

  1. Ok ladies, let's play a game and help me take my mind off other stressful stuff. I'm buying the a free chocolate fondue meal for the winner:yes: . Here's how the game will be played. I'm going to list EVERYTHING that I want to get in pink exotics, even the outrageous and impossible combination (may as well). Then you ladies reply and pick the one that you think I will end up getting FIRST and an APPROX date. Whoever that wins get a free chocolate fondue when I meet up with you and if I cannot meet up with you, I'll send you a gift cert from Melting Pot for the choco fondue.

    Here are the bags:

    - Fuchsia Ostrich Birkin 30cm
    - Fuchsia Ostrich HAC 28cm
    - Fuchsia Ostrich Sellier Kelly 28cm
    - Fuchsia Ostrich Bolide 31cm
    - Fuchsia Glazed Porosus Croc Sellier Kelly 28cm
    - Baby Rose Porosus Croc Sellier Kelly 28cm
    - Fuchsia Exotic JPG Birkin
    - Fuchsia Glazed Porosus Croc Birkin 30cm

    This game is good until a bag from the above list falls onto my lap. When estimating time, please factor in my strange quirks about untouched bags. I prefer to be the one opening the shrink wrap, which means the only two ways this can happen are 1) I somehow managed to order it and the SA waits for me to come in and unwrap the shrinkwrap myself 2) I called up one of the stores who happened to have what I need IN THE BACKROOM UNOPENED and the SA was willing to wait for me to fly out there to get it.

    Let the game begin! Come on, play~~ It'll help get me psyched up about my pink quest:yes: And come on, FREE CHOCOLATE FONDUE!! Who doesn't like chocolate?:graucho:
  2. I say the Bolide and February 07. :shrugs: I don't know why, it just popped into my head. :flowers:
  3. Kou,

    I am now going through all of the darn possibilities!

    TO be clear, you would end up purchasing the first bag that falls onto your lap in that list, correct? Sorry, it's just the lawyer in me. It's possible that it is offered to you, but you elect to decline:P

    Or perhaps you meant the date on which such bag is offered to you?
  4. fuschia ostrich birkin in.... jan 07 :biggrin: goooooood luck
  5. First bag that falls into my lap as in they offer it to me and I accept it. It's harder than it looks because I have this thing about the bag having be in shrinkwrap. I'm totally willing to FLY to the store (provided that it's not a last minute 24-hour thing, I can do Canada and within the U.S. in 24 hrs but not Asia or Australia) to open the wrap myself. Otherwise, if they opened it up or it had been shown to someone else before me, I would decline it. The exception would be IF the people who had touched the bag are MEN because I know they probably won't tote it around or something.

    Oh boy, I'm picky and anal all right.
  6. fuchsia ostrich birkin 30 -- next week, from australia.

  7. LOL good call! :graucho:
  8. Kelly 28 april 07
  9. Fuchsia Ostrich Sellier Kelly 28cm July 07 :biggrin:
  10. Fuschia Ostrich Bolide 31cm Dec 2006
  11. Bolide, 25 December 2006
  12. Kou, I have a question and I'm not trying to be mean at all. :flowers:

    How do you expect to get a bag if you don't want any bag you haven't personally taken out of the shrink wrap? Don't you think you might need to change that condition? It will certainly make it easier for you to get a bag. I can't see a SA being willing to wait for you to fly somewhere to open the shrinkwrap.
  13. Kou, I was offered a 27cm fuchsia ostrich Bolide last night - and the color looks terrible on me. Is 27cm is a good size for you? If you are interested, PM me with your email address. My store manager emailed me the most beautiful pix that I can forward to you! Just let me know!

    OK, back to the game. I think you will get a 27cm fuchsia ostrich Bolide today!! LOL!!
  14. Fuchsia Ostrich HAC 28cm

    Oct 2007 (unwrapped)
    March 2017(shrinkwrapped) ... !!
  15. Of caurse I mean Fuchsia Ostrich 28;)