Anyone used the 'Canny Collar' for pulling dogs? Sounds good!

  1. As some of you may have read, I am adopting a GSD :yahoo:. Unfortunately, she pulls on the lead and, being a big, strong dog, I don't want to get into trouble with this behaviour.

    I fully intend to train her out of it - with the 'about turn' technique - but I want something I can use until then. Also, I want some 'normal' walking time, putting aside time for training.

    Anyway, I've been looking at training aids. The Halti, Gentle Leader etc each have their fans and critics - the main one being the 'yanking' of the neck, which could cause injury. I came across this 'Canny Collar' - they sell it at the RSPCA shelter where my GSD is currently - so I did some research. I like the idea of it. See what you think at let me know would ya? :tup:
  2. I scanned over the info on the link provided and it looks good to me! I always promote Halti's but I find crafty dogs figure out how to back out of them sometimes, making it necessary to clip them to their collars. This innovative product seems to have overcome that challenge - I am anxious for user feedback if/when you get one for your new baby!

    Congrats on that BTW!!
  3. There is also the gentle leader made by premier, it is kind of the same system except when the dog tries to pull, it turns him to face you, we use them at the training center and they are awesome!
  4. Thanks for your replies.

    When I took her (still can't decide on a new name!) for a walk last time, the handler had put her in a harness called the "Lupi". He told me they liked it (at the RSPCA) because it was effective, whilst being easy to fit.. He also said some dogs fight having a noseband/headcollar. Anyway, the harness did make a lot of difference.

    It is here:

    Anyone used one of these before? :shrugs:
  5. Both Looks good.. Keep us posted.. I have a nauught husky who cannot stop dragging me ard.. Hhaa...
  6. I have a German Shepherd/Husky who used to be really bad about yanking me around on walks (but a perfect angel with my fiancee, of course:rolleyes:), and what I did was get her a seat belt harness and start walking her with that. The loop is perfect length for me to hang my arm at my side, and she can't back out of it. It gives me enough control that I can easily halt her attempts at chasing squirrels and whatnot, and it's a gentle reminder to her to stay at my side. Worked out great!
  7. Just My Opinion - Every dog is different, therefore you may have to try a few different tools to find an effective one for you dog. Please remember that these are "tools". Eventually you will want to walk your dog normally on a collar or harness. Constant pressure can drive a dog crazy and is not fair.