Anyone use Merle Norman products?

  1. I stopped in a MN store and bought their Luxiva AHA foot cream and it is wonderful (and a bargain at $11.00)! I've tried Bliss and that was $25 and didn't work as well and was rather stinky.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried any of their other products?
  2. Yes, I've used Merle Norman products since I first started using makeup 50+ years ago and won't use anything else.
  3. ooo i have to try the foot cream :yes: Today I bought a brighter serum and it works amazing well!! I also bought a foundation and I absolutely love it!! I'm going to go back tomorrow for more!!
  4. I have recently begun using some Merle Norman products and have been very happy with them. My daughter also bought the same products I have and she's been pleased with them, too. I have Luxiva Ultra-Powder foundation, which I use over Estee Lauder DoubleWear liquid foundation, Luxiva Lasting Cheekcolor blush in Dusty Rose and Premiere Pink, eyeshadow in Sand Dune and Semisweet and Soft Touch eyeliner pencil in Teak. I have found the blush gives the right amount of color, a little sheen without leaving sparkles all over my face, and lasts throughout the day. The eyeshadows also have the right color intensity and shimmer (actually Semisweet is matte) and last without creasing. I LOVE the eyeliner. It goes on really easily and lasts through everything, including tears. But it comes off with regular facial cleanser, which is great.

    I haven't tried the foot cream - but you've given me an excuse to visit the shop and check out some new things!
  5. Thanks for the tip! I've been looking for a new foot cream!