Anyone up for a reveal?

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  1. IMG_1497284377.454676.jpg

    Got this as an impulse buy.. but couldn't resist how cute it is! Wanna guess what is it?
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  2. Here!
    Is it a WOC? I want to say that it is but the box doesn't seem like one...
  3. To be fair.. I told the SA to put it in a small box cos I was travelling
  4. IMG_1497284986.893467.jpg
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  5. IMG_1497286500.015543.jpg

    Mini charms reissue! I think this is from the new collection. Does anyone know the relevance of "ritz Paris" and "coromandel"? TIA!
  6. Beautiful bag! Congratulations!!
  7. Gorgeous! Congratulations! :smile:
  8. it's gorgeous, congrats!! Coromandel is a woodsy Chanel scent/fragrance named after wood items she had in her home - it may be why the perfume bottle appears on the bag. such a collectible piece - enjoy it :smile:
  9. I love it!
  10. Love it!!!
  11. Lovely! Congrats!!
  12. I love this! Congratulations!!
  13. The Ritz Carlton reference is because she stayed there for decades (suite 302) when she lived in Paris. They named the suite after her and this current collection is inspired by that.
  14. She is gorgeous. I love the charms. Congrats.
  15. Lovely! I really want a 224 someday.