Anyone try the Goody hairbrushes infused with....

  1. I was on the Goody hair brush site and saw the new hair brushes that are infused with things to make you hair shine, ones for colored treated hair, ones for oil and dandruff.
    Has anyone tried these. I thought they would make cute stocking stuffers for some of my relatives but wanted to know what others might think of them.
  2. No,sorry
  3. I've never heard of them, but I'd love it if a hair bursh could give my hair more shine.
  4. I haven't tried one but it sounds like a gimmick to me. I imagine you'd have to brush a lot more than normal to reap in the benefits of that kind of hairbrush.

    For stocking stuffers, I think it's really fun to pass out cute compact mirrors.
  5. I saw those and they said the brushes were infused. But just think about how fast the infusion would disappear. Like the one with shine had jojoba oil "infused" in it but might as well just put some on a brush I figure.