Anyone try LUSH Emotional Brilliance yet?

  1. I'd love to see some swatches and reviews on how it wears!
  2. Oh same here, I may go and check it out tomorrow!
  3. I would like to try eyeliners! Im not completely sure about these packagings, they remind me of Sennelier's inks...
  4. I was really looking forward to this, but the packaging is once again for LUSH, really crappy and annoying looking. I might try the setting powder, and the lip shade in Charm (which will be a PITA to take around and re-apply, but no matter.)

    The mascara write up really, really peeved me off though. Yes, it may be 5g versus the regular 1 or 2g of product, but it's also twice-thrice the price of a lot of my HG drugstore mascaras.
  5. I saw these in the store today and I will say many of the colors look very pretty. They seem to give you a lot of product. HOWEVER, $22.95 seems like a lot of money on this product. I have no problem dishing out money for stuff, but it just doesn't seem worth that amount. Maybe I just need to see some people play around with them before I decide to plop down that kind of money.