Anyone there wanting to see my 1st ever Miu Miu splur!!

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  1. Guessy guess Miu Miu fan...

    This is the first time ever on this thread.. I'm normally on Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci & Longchamp :smile: I'm truly excited with my first purchase from Reebonz and can't wait to share it with you ladies and gentleman :smile:

    A. x
  2. Let's see!
    I'm new here too.
  3. yeah!
  4. Yeah im new here too!!
    Share with us
  5. Hehehe sorry kinda driving atm going to be a slow reveal
    image-4175037140.jpg image-2183912154.jpg image-3941597333.jpg
  6. waiting!!
  7. I'm here I'm here!! Here she is!
    MIU MIU MINI BOW BAG! I am in love with it!!

    I've read a thread in regards to maintainance on bow bag... Few say it's already treated as waterproof, few say get it treated... What would you fans suggest? Treat condition/moisturizer, waterproof spray, take it to my spa bag or just leave it as SA suggest.

    I chose this colour cause if it's colour transfer from a hard dye colours it wouldn't be as noticeable compare to ones that are lighter colour.

    I am so happy to purchase from Reebonz cause their assistance are amazing and the post were with 3 days with awesome FedEx! It include box, miu miu authenticator card, care instructor and dust bag! Free delivery!! And save $! I must say this bag is near perfect, compare to Prada Saffiano that I had problems with kinda imperfection but I still love it.

    I chose not to go to Miu Miu boutique because their SA not very friendly nor welcoming... Doesn't matter I have my bow bag now and I can thick off my wish list! 1-2 more bags to complete lol

    I will take better pic next time including modeling :smile: these pic ain't so good cause I just receive it yesterday and quickly snap pics of it hehe

    Hope you girls enjoy it!! Btw welcome newbies including myself!

    Cheers! x
    image-2103660239.jpg image-2449075501.jpg image-2773327194.jpg image-1964595476.jpg image-411854036.jpg image-2281380403.jpg
  8. Congrats!!! love the tricolor bow bag!:smile:
  9. Gorgeous! Love the tri colour too!
  10. Thanks Molly! x
  11. Thank you! :heart:
  12. What a cutie!!! The tri-color bow is so pretty! Congrats!!! :smile:
  13. Omg! That's really beautiful. I was checking it out in the sale last week. I love the tri-colour, very special.

    Please do not spray it with anything! I had my bow bag ruined with waterproof spray, and it had to be replaced. This leather does not handle any harsh chemicals (as the SAs suggested). If you don't let it rub against dark jeans and never put it on the floor/ground, it will be fine ;)
  14. Gorgeous combo! Love it. Congrats!
  15. Hehe thank you! At first I worried about the combo colours but I start to loving it for it's uniqueness :smile: