Anyone tattoo upper eyelid eyeliner?

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  1. I am seriously thinking of this. I have seen one person up close and it looked great, and have read great stories about it. But it's a little scary being so close to your eyeball.... Did you get it? And are you happy with it?
  2. I haven't done it but I know a couple who did get it done and it looks good. One who is otherwise covered in tattoos said it was nerve wracking to have it so close to her eye, but it's important to find someone who specializes in permanent makeup. FWIW they did numb the area (can't imagine how it would feel otherwise!) and they really researched their tattooers and looked at their books. Both are very happy with it. One is in her late 20s and the other is in her 60s.

    I guess it's like any other cosmetic procedure :smile:
  3. I did. I am blonde with fair skin and wanted a semi natural look - just wanted my lash line to look thicker. So she stayed real close to the lash line and it's not terribly visible, just enough to look good without makeup. It hurt a little and I was a little scared, but get someone who has been doing it 20 years and has experience and you should be ok. I'll try to post a photo here in a bit.
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  4. here ya go. Tattoo on lower lash line and eyebrows as well. I also have lash extensions.
    Please excuse the redness and blotchiness. I was having bad allergies and also had on no makeup.
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  5. I have no experience but agree, I'd get someone with lots of experience. Don't want to mess with your eyes.
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    I had it done over 15 years ago with a permanent makeup artist. I has 3 sessions done over a few months period. It does hurt and feels weird. The thing is it wore off after about 2-3 years. I have no signs of the eyeliner now. Don't know if the ink or the technology is better now but while I had it, it was great.
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  7. Oh, yes, it does wear off and need to be redone after a year or 2 or 3. But totally worth it!!
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  8. A984B4E2-1FCB-4FC1-A07E-50CAD1F85B39.jpeg Another one