Anyone speak French? Need help translating, please. :)

  1. I sold something to a buyer in France, and they didn't pay me for over 7 days so I opened a dispute.

    Her response:
    [​IMG]ne vous inquietez pas le paiement arrive.SVP pouvez vous faire un seul colis pour envoyer tout lesdécors et capsules en meme temps et faire un seul tarif d'expedition ?Merci pour votre réponse,


    I used translator on but it didn't really come out to make any sense.

    Someone please help!

    Thank you in advance.
  2. I'll give it a go.

    Don't worry about the arrival of the payment. If you please could you do a single package for sending all of the ?decorations? and ?capsules? at the same time and pay a single post (mailing) fee. Thank you for your response.


    *Courtesy of DH and French is not his native language, however he wanted to try & help.
  3. "Don't worry, the payment is on the way. Could you please send everything in one package and charge only one shipping fee? Thanks for your reply. Cordially."

    Hope this helps :smile:
  4. Thank you layla & mcbg!!

    I can always count on my PF family for any help!!
  5. ;) You're most welcome LouisLady.
  6. according to my basic French that sounds about right from layla's DH and mcbg1.
  7. I'm majoring in English-French translation so hopefully mine isn't too bad haha.
  8. A little off topic, but how is she paying? International money order?