Anyone sold their Favorite MM for an Eva?

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  1. #1 May 22, 2016
    Last edited: May 22, 2016
    Hello my friends! I've had my favorite MM for about a year now and lately i've been feeling like its a little too large for what I want to use it for. I usually wear it for date nights, or when we go to bars and I want a small bag under my arm. I usually carry my empreinte cles, my phone (iPhone 6), a Mac sheer powder compact and a lipstick.

    I know most people comment that they started with the favorite pm or eva clutch and upsized to the Favorite MM because they wanted more space. Has anyone else considered or gone the opposite route? Thanks!
  2. I have done the opposite, i.e. sold the Eva for the favorite. . If you want a smaller bag, how about the favorite pm? Or pochette Felicie? The Eva was my first LV and I think it's very classy for nights out but I didn't like how it hung off me cross body.
  3. I have both bags, but I would suggest an Eva for your purposes if that's all you plan to carry. Definitely take your usual bag contents to the store (if you live near a boutique) and make sure everything fits as phone sizes do vary. A lot of my girlfriends take their DE Eva clutches to the club, definitely DE because of the amount of drinks capable of being spilled. Beer and untreated vachetta aren't great friends if you choose to crossbody it after you've had a few. Personally I carry my Chanel WOC for evenings out, but if I didn't have it, I'd 100% go with my Eva.
  4. I think you will miss the Favorite MM. I would keep the Favorite and spend a little less and get the Pochette NM.
  5. I have the Eva and love love love it. My mom has the favourite and has told me several times she wishes she got the eva instead - I can fit inside: my Josephine wallet, lipstick, iPhone 6, keys and Cles - easily. Your items would fit very easily in it, with room to spare. It seems like the Eva isn't a fan favourite around the purse forum but I'm quite happy with mine :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463978344.073975.jpg
  6. The Eva looks great on you! Cute dog, and I like your shirt too!!! its really a good pic of you!:biggrin:

  7. Thanks so much!!!!
  8. I did the opposite lol. I sold my mono Eva for the favorite mm. I am actually in the process of selling my DE Eva now too. I either use my mono favorite, twice or DA pochette with a strap. I didn't like the way the iPhone 6 Plus fit in the Eva. It left very little room for my zcp, cles/keys, epi pen and my cles with bandaids/Advil. If you carry less items it might work for you. I found the pochette to work great. It has the zip security and lots more room.
  9. I've seen a few people out and about with evas and they look cute. I am also someone who sold mine because the shape makes it awkward to fit your things. I agree with the suggestion of trying out a favorite pm instead of an mm if the mm is too big for you, but I would also tell you to go to the boutique and put your things into an eva and see how you like it? I'm not a big fan of the eva because the strap is sooo long for such a small bag.
  10. I don't have the favourite, but I love my Eva. I don't carry much, a cles, compact wallet, lip balm, Samsung Galaxy S7, and cardholder. She's my everyday bag.

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  11. I bought mono and DE Evas after trying out Favorite PM and MM in the store. For me, the Favorite MM was too big for a "just the essentials" bag. I have bigger bags when I want to carry more stuff. So I was really just looking for something to carry my necessities. I thought the Favorite PM was really cute and actually bought it but I preferred the zipper on the Eva so I returned it. The strap drop on Eva also worked better for me.
  12. I would say to keep your MM and treat yourself to an Eva as well. No girls can have too many LV :heart: