Anyone seen the the Balenciaga by Bonia?

  1. I was very surprised to see a wallet with "Balenciaga" embossed on it at Takashimaya, one of our upscale deparmental store in Singapore.

    The SA says its under Bonia (I believe its a Hong Kong brand for leather and fabric bags, wallets...). Quite surprised that the name is the same! It has a double B logo.

    Anyone with more info? :confused1:
  2. This has nothing to do with the bags and things that Nicolas designs.
    And only Spain may use the brand Balenciag with the 2b logos.

  3. Yes- I bought myself one. They are a cheaper (but still real) version of the real thing, and Bonia is licensed to produce them. Nice bags- of course not as nice as the original Balenciaga, but rest assured, not fakes!

    Here's the article link:
  4. Hi FX, saw yr balck weekender in the other thread... very cool!

    And thanks cheeky for the article.

    So can I say that this wallet with "Balenciaga", logo double b, is really authentic Balenciaga. However, it is not designed by Nicholas??:confused1:
  5. Well it is an official Balenciaga product- just a lower end one (still v cute though!).

    They are also 30% off at Takashimaya right now!
  6. Yum yum. Where can I find these in the U.S.? Any pics?