Anyone seen a steel GGH part time at an NM?

  1. After seeing cracker's beautiful bag, I am so wanting one now. Since NM screwed up my weekender order and sent me someone else's order, I think that was a sign that I wasn't supposed to get the weekender. At least that's what I keep telling myself! :lol: Anyways, if anyone has seen this bag at an NM lately, just let me know. Thanks for your help!!:smile:
  2. I have never seen that combo at NM but I do know they they carry the combo at Barneys because I bought my Steel/Plomb GGH Work from the Barneys in BH. Maybe they have it in the PT. You should call!
  3. For some reason, Barney's didn't order it in the PT. They did order it in the Brief, Work and City. You may want to try BalParis, BalMilan or Printemps. Good luck! I'm happy to hear my bag inspired you. It's still my favorite.
  4. It's my favorite too!! :lol: I'll definitely give them a ring, thanks for the help!