Anyone seen a RED classic FLAP anywhere?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    My friend is looking for a red classic flap, she has been to a few Chanels and Saks in NYC where she lives and hasnt seen anything. I suggested that she may have to call around to find one.

    She is looking for a Red classic flap in either lambskin or caviar in any size, East west, Medium or Jumbo.

    If anyone has seen any please tell me where and if possible please include the # of the store.

    Thank you all very much!!:smile:
  2. They're very hard to come across. My SA told me that many stores didn't even receive the classics in red last season and aren't expecting them for the fall either. I guess they might get occasional shipment with the odd piece in red, but you'd have to be really lucky and be in the right store at the right time!

    I've always been on the lookout for a red flap too...let me know if you come across any!
  3. So why are red bags so hard to come by? Do they not make as many of them? There never seems to be a shortage of black purses.
  4. I think this bag is gone. I've been trying to locate one for awhile and even with a good SA, I've not been able to find one aside from eBay.

    There were waitlists and if you weren't on the list quickly, I think the chances of getting one later were pretty slim. The red was a seasonal color whereas the black is always made.

    At this point, I think I'll just be waiting until they put out another red flap... and make sure I'm on the top of the list! lol. I did see a red clutch recently FWIW.
  5. Is it ok to tell my SA to put me on the waitlist for a red flap even we don't know when that will be out?

    Whew~~~Once you have one from the classic collection, you just keep going further and further~~
  6. I don't even *think* there is a waitlist this far in advance. Who knows if they'll even offer red next year. IMHO, your best bet once the SS08 stuff comes out, if there is red, get on the list then.
  7. Ah this makes me wish I had kept my red jumbo!!
  8. yes you should have -- all that hard work i did to ensure you got it !!!

  9. I know you want a flap, but I did see the classic tote (in red) with the new chain this past weekend at the NM in Troy, MI. The number is 248-643-3300 if you're interested. Here's a picture of it in beige with the old chain:
  10. Whoops, forgot the pic:
  11. Hmm, how are you loving yours?

  12. hey i saw a red flap today at Saks nyc. i also an east west in green.
  13. Yes, Saks NYC has the peforated one.
  14. Memyself, did you see flaps in any other colors? Also, was the green with the new chain? Lamb? Thanks!
  15. The red and green are perforated flaps