Anyone seen a mini classic flap around lately?

  1. I'm looking for the super small one with the chain long enough to sling across the body. Must have silver hardware. Thanks!
  2. I saw a black one with silver hardware at the Chanel Boutique in Tysons Corner, VA about 2 weeks ago. I believe it was size 224. Hope this helps, Good luck on finding one!!
  3. Thank you! Calling right now. Black was just what I wanted, but didn't want to be too picky.
  4. may i know about the size and the price of it? thanks a lot!
  5. Not so sure about the exact measure, but it's about half a size compared to the medium classic flap. And the price is $1495. Hope that helps!.
  6. thanks! :heart:
  7. I saw one that looks like the reissue ... black w/MM lock and reissue chain $1795 at Hirshleifers, NY. It is TDF!!!!
  8. There's a Black Mini Classic Flap (6.8W x 5.2H x 2.4D) in Chanel Toronto - Cdn$1550.
  9. Nordstrom Mall of America has one in beige caviar with gold hardware.
  10. Are u finding this one?


    I bought it in Hong Kong Chanel. But i don't think u will order from HK and ship to the States.

  11. Thanks for the help everyone! I found and purchased one back in December. Would love a red one though, if anyone sees one.