Anyone See All the New Moissanite Cuts and Colors?

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  1. I do love moissanite and while looking at Etsy recently, discovered that now it comes in many cuts and colors. I bought a Moissy RB years ago when that seemed to be the only cut, and they hadn’t even yet developed the really “white” stones and some had an unattractive greenish tinge.

    Well wow, there are all kinds of cuts and colors out there now! I had fun strolling through Etsy you all who like this stone should go have a look.

    I bought a dark grey loose RB and had it set in platinum with a cushion shaped halo. Wow I love it. I am going to try and post a a pic but I think I have to choose pic first then write post so I’ll try to put it in next post...
  2. Ok am I going senile? Where are the little icons that let you grab a pic and put it in a post? I must be losing my mind!
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  4. I've seen pics of pink, green, & blue moissanite but not dark grey. I would love to see yours!
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  5. Yes! They've really improved! I love the emerald cuts and the antique cushion cuts and the ovals. My engagement ring is a moissanite and I love it. I've had it for 8 years so it's one of the old "round brilliant" ones that are cut shallow to hide the green tinge and it faces up very white, but the sparkle is kind of splintery because of the cut. My husband told me he's going to get me a new moissanite engagement ring for our 10 year anniversary, and while I still love my little solitaire, I'm kind of excited for a new style and to see the new improved moissys. :smile:
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  6. well as soon as this problem of posting pics from iPhone is solved....
    I posted in the forum for issues and it seems like I am not the only one having this problem. Not sure if it is only with iPhones, either.
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  7. It's funny, my DH is happy I have this like of moissanite, cuz now I don't ask about a diamond upgrade LOL. I don't care the price, just how it looks and if I like it.
    Last year he bought me a nice Mercedes and said , "now isn't that better than a diamond?" Hehe part of me thought yes but a tiny part of me thought, hmmm, $XXXX... could have bought a nice diamond.
    In the end, I do love the nice, high quality (not all are) diamond equivalents/sims, whatever you call them. I love the sparkle, the money isn't anything to me... (JMO)
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  8. Oh you need to get one of the fabulous colors! Get it loose and the do the setting you want! I wish I could post a picture of mine but I cannot from any of my Apple devises. Vlad help!
  9. C2414210-149F-4935-917E-D977BF814204.jpeg 92AC2A93-687C-434B-80AA-133FA74910C9.jpeg well and truly you really can’t appreciate the beauty of some of the darker greys until the sunlight or artificial lighting hits them. Then they sparkle literally all colors of the rainbow. The ring is much more beautiful than these shots show. Under grey skies it looks more like just hematite
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  10. wow neat! I have a pair of moissanite studs that I love... never would have been able to budget the equivalent diamond size. I am definitely open to getting more. Any sellers you can recommend to check out?
  11. Well I haven’t a lot of experience with multiple sellers I bought the above loose stone from Etsy shop “Baillies” something. I have to look it up and hopefully be back in time to edit this

    BailiesDesigns. All I can go by with Etsy is of course how many transactions and the ratings.

    (I have no affiliation with this business)
  12. I have been working with a seller from HK (starsgem) on OEC custom 6 prong martini earrings and custom moissanite cuts based on excellent recommendations from pricescope and wedding bee. Price was excellent! 50% of what I was quoted from various etsy sellers. Should be done in a couple weeks. Will update when I receive.
    So excited about all the fun projects I can embark on if this works out well.
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  13. -wow less than Etsy! That's great! I find Etsy to be about $100 USD per carat (loose stones). The ring I had made a high end jeweler has appraised it for more than twice what I put into it after buying a loose stone, so I'm happy!
  14. I wish I could see yours but I have never seen dark grey ones. I had a white butterfly-shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring last month during my engagement. My dearest would-be hubby gifted me from Esdomera. If you have any other sellers, please do recommend it.
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  15. Oh please pictures!