anyone recommend a good SA at....

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  1. tiffanys?? any names would be great and what they look like.
    so far every time ive gone ive gotten a different one..some nice and some just plain rude.
  2. which tiffany's? the one in toronto?
  3. ^yup.
  4. Dang! Sorry...I just visit the SF store (and 5th Ave...whenever I get the chance!). Good luck finding someone special!

    A quick note tho...I think it would be best to PM actual names to ya...if someone has recommendations. Just to respect the SA's privacy. We get to use swanky cool screen names for ourselves, so we're covered! Just a thought!

    Again, good luck! And I am so sorry to hear about rude SA's at Tiffany's!! That IS a bummer!