Anyone Reach Powerseller Status Yet?

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  1. I was so happy when I became a powerseller, now i lost my powerseller status. My sales are going down so much.. I dont know whats happening on eBay. Anyone else feel like its slow on eBay..
  2. I'm currently a Powerseller, but it will change again soon. I only went to Powerseller status because I sold some high end bags. In the end, I really don't think it matters that much. I have no problem buying from people who aren't Powersellers.
  3. I am a power seller.....I sell mostly mens clothes. Last week I ended with 17 items selling and this week was slow again. I have managed to keep my status though. It should pick up soon hopefully.

    I think PS doesn't matter as far as the buyers are concerned....there are a lot of PS'ers who don't use the PS icon at all, some people don't like to buy from ps'ers.....have you ever read the "professional buyers" board on eBay? Ugh! That is enough to make you want to remove your power seller logo!

    Good luck, hopefully you won't lose it for long. Oh almost forgot if you contact your PS support sometimes they will give you an extension so you can get caught back up.
  4. I'm a Powerseller, but I sold a lot of expensive items in a short period of time. Hopefully Ebay will pick up soon so I can maintain it. If not, no biggie!
  5. I have...then they recently just sent me a message saying I'm no longer one bc my sales dropped. But then, the PS symbol still shows up next to my name. Is yours still showing too?
  6. The symbol is gone.. But its ok, powerseller status is not that important.
  7. Over the past 7+ years I've been a powerseller at all levels except Titanium, and I have to say that I don't think it's EVER made a positive impact on my sales or my customer's expectations. If anything, a lot of customers expect slow, rude, or nonexistent customer service from a PowerSeller. I wouldn't worry about having it or not having it.
  8. Psh...not with these sales lately. a few .99 magazines here and there doesn't do much of anything.
    Not that I want to be a powerseller or anything but yeah, I can see how a lot of people are losing their status lately.

  9. thats so true! when i see other PS'ers...and ask them a Q, they often are very slow, and rude maybe.

    I am NOT like that though! when i see a seller iwth like 83845238 feedbacks...thats when i assume they are too busy to care.

    i am/was a power seller with barely just 200 feedbacks right now.
  10. I have become a Powerseller a few times, and lost my status for slow sales.
  11. I was sent an offer to join but I just don't want the stress of maintaining a certain sale level.
  12. I am currently but am about to lose it because I haven't been listing lately. I only got it because I was listing about everything in my WIR!
  13. i actually avoid powersellers...if i see something i want and i see they are a power seller i won't bid on any of their items...don't know why
  14. lol! that's too funny...and good for me since i'm not a powerseller! :smile:
  15. I am currently a Powerseller but I am pretty sure I'll loose it b/c sales have been really slow this summer for me. It's no biggie though....