Anyone own this quilted pouchette/wristlet?

  1. I am thinking of getting this one. How do you like it? Are there any pockets inside? Do you have any info when this came out? I've seen this in silver too.
  2. i can't give you any info on the bag itself, but i remember it was included in the neiman sale. i believe one member got it for a fantastic price. she paid around $250 or $270 for it.
  3. ^^ yeah, i saw this wristlet in silver at Saks (garden city, ny) on sale for around the same price! it was a nice size too!
  4. That's me who owns it and got it for a great price! I had to wake up very early the day after Christmas to get it at the Saks sale, but it was worth it! I only paid about $175 for it. :yahoo: It does not have an inside pocket. It's a pretty good size - you can safely include the necessities like keys, a small coin purse, lip gloss, phone.

    Here are a few pics:
    wristlet3.JPG wristlet1.JPG wristlet2.JPG
  5. Wow that is a very good deal. Thanks for the pics, now I am set to break my ban.
  6. ^^LOL! Well I'm glad I could help instigate you to break your ban. :graucho: Good luck finding a wristlet! :yes:
  7. we're all such enablers around here!
  8. The quilted wristlet is from Resort 06 and I have seen the Gold, Gun and the Black on eBay. The black one went for only $99 as the only bidder won it. No one bought the gold or the gun one as they were in the $300 range on eBay. It also comes in White btw, which is the one I'd like to own but can't seem to find it anywhere. HTH!
  9. it's good for going out, but wont hold much. i have one too from saks
  10. If that's the same auction I'm thinking of, I asked the seller about it because I considered getting it for my friend who likes mine a lot. The seller didn't have the tags and avoided some of my specific questions about it. :push:
  11. ^ Oh, sorry to hear about that! :sad:
  12. got it today! I had it on hold and was thinking about it since it matches my 2 other MJ bags both in quilted black. Good deal too for
    $142 from nordies.
  13. Woo Hoo! That's awesome! Congrats roussel!!:yahoo:
  14. Thanks for enabling me!
  15. Congrats! :heart: