Anyone own this bracelet?

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  1. nice!
  2. Ooh, it's cute. I don't see Fendi jewelry very often. nor do I own any...
  3. Beautiful! I dont have this bracelet bit I have the Fendi Toggle Charm bracelet (also on NM) and its held up really well, it hasn't tarnished or anything but I've only had it for 6 months.
  4. I'm waiting for the Fendi cuff bracelet with the F's on it, but it's been on back-order from Neiman Marcus since the summer. I hope it's worth the wait!

  5. I was considering the silver cuff, too, I like how simple it is but I absolutely lovvvve the buckle design.
  6. ^^oh my nerd! I love the cuff so much...I want it in gold since my b. belt is accented in gold. as for the bracelet mentioned, I love it and would believe it would withstand tarnishing anytime soon if you bought it.
  7. I just got my gold Fendi cuff with the F's on it from Neiman Marcus, and I'm not sure if I love if for the price or not. Is it too obnoxious to wear with the bag, and I just bought the shoes too. I figure why not go over the top all the way!
  8. You should take modelling pics of how you intend to wear it, then we can tell you! :P
  9. Oh My God I love it! I want one too!

    Unfortunately I'm no help to you , tho. I dont own any Fendi jewelery (yet, now that i;ve seen this bracelet!)