Anyone own or have modelling pics of a Seiko Coutura? I know that it's not as high..

  1. ...end as most of you gals have, but if someone has info to share, I'd be grateful.

    Thanks, and Chuc Mung Nam Moi.....

    Happy New Year in Vietnamese.
  2. I don't have a picture, but I used to have this watch with a pink MOP was an awesome watch, very nice looking!
  3. Thanks--I thought I saw one in Costco and it looked big. How did it compare to other watches you have?
  4. I don't have one, but looked a lot at them when I was on my watch search. They are beautiful, IMO. :yes: Which one are you looking at?
  5. I had the pink MOP dial, which has the larger face. There's also a smaller faced one as well. They're nice watches but I'm pretty sure it has a mineral crystal versus sapphire (which is virtually scratch proof). It was the only Sieko I would wear. Their watches generally aren't my style. I got lots of compliments on that watch.
  6. I would love to see pics!
  7. i don't have one, but i'm also thinking of getting one soon...
  8. I am personally looking at 1 citizen's, 2 seiko coutura, and for fun this Tommy hilfiger watch. I would like a new watch so tomorrow when I go to Macy's I am going to take a look at those. Check out because they are having a sale right now!

    1. citizen
    2. seiko stainless steel
    3. seiko two tone
    4. tommy hilfiger
    280957_fpx.jpeg 295672_fpx.jpeg 295673_fpx.jpeg 291470_fpx.jpeg
  9. I have the coutura chrono - the larger face one in white mop w/pink subdials.
    This is my everyday watch. I'm at work so can't do pix but the size is great IMO and I have very small wrists, I like the bigger face.
  10. Thanks, everyone. I saw some IRL at Macy's yesterday. Both the large and the small faces, and both looked nice. The large pink chrono looked beautiful, kbell, but the plain one at Costco seemed too masculine to me. Here's the one I'm considering -- two tone, no diamonds, mother of pearl face.
  11. Rockstar, thanks for your comment, too, and the one above does have a sapphire case.
  12. Mine has a sapphire crystal face & it has the diamonds. There is not a single scratch on it & I am rough on my everyday watches. I wear them to bed, in the gym shower, and have banged & dropped this watch several times. Luckily my husb got this at 1/2 off.
  13. This is the one that I had, only it was not two tone and it had a pink MOP face. It was a nice size watch, not big at all.
  14. any one has modelling pics? i'm thinking of getting one as well, they look quite agreeable in terms of price and very good looking!
  15. my sister has this watch with the black mother of pearl face and it's really beautiful. I'll try to get a pic of it and post it tomorrow.