Anyone own ACNE Trousers? How is the sizing / fit?

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  1. Title says it all I guess... was looking to buy a pair of relaxed fit ACNE trousers, and wanted to know how the sizing runs. Sizes are European I think (36, 38, 40 etc) and was wondering what size others may have taken in these pants. THANKS!
  2. no Acne fans?
  3. I've gotten dry Acne jeans before but I don't think the fit is really comparable to what you're describing. Sorry I can't help!
  4. Here in Sweden the Acne jeans are huge, perhaps it's because the brand is from here, I don't know..

    Anyways, I'm usually a size small/eur 36/uk 8. I'm 5'4" tall and weigh about 114,6 pounds. In my Acne jeans it says: waist 26, lenght 32 :smile: And in my other jeans I have the same size, so I think their sizes are quite regular!
  5. i find their jeans really narrow in the hips, they don't fit me at all :Push: but their trousers that i've tried are pretty tts, maybe slightly generous in the looser styles :thinking:
  6. Thanks ladies!