Anyone own a Kooba bag?

  1. What do you think of them? Are they well made? Have you been happy with yours? Thanks.
  2. Thank you! Great post. I love your bag, too. I think a darker colored Kooba may be most pratical, too bad b/c I love the desert and cognac colors!
  3. I have a Kooba Sienna in Espresso. Beautiful, soft leather, very durable, well made-it's been great. (I haven't worn it as much lately, though.)
  4. You're welcome! Oh and thank you...:flowers: Just sharin' the love...
  5. I have a couple of Kooba bags, and have found them to be durable and well made.
  6. I want a Kooba, but I have no idea which style to get. I have been looking into the Sienna. I like the Paige, but wish it was abit smaller.
  7. I have the Kooba Sienna in Nutmeg! It is a wonderful bag, especially for fall. Holds everything, made of very soft, buttery leather.
    Cracks me up to see all the fakes out there! The real thing turns heads though because the leather looks so posh!
  8. Are Koobas on ebay pretty much a no-no too, as are other designer bags, or are some authentic on there? Do you all ever recommend ebay for bags such as these?
  9. Don't, I repeat, Don't ever buy a Kooba on eBay. 99.9% are fakes!
  10. I bought a Kooba Chiara on sale at Elux. The leather is GORGEOUS - so soft and you can smell it from across the room. I was disappointed that the interior is a fake suede, though. I thought it was real at first, but on closer examination it was that suede-like fabric. That is my only critique, though. I have also tried on the Sienna and it is a lovely bag too.
  11. Thanks for all the info. This board is great! Thank you all.

    I am excited to get my Kooba. Maybe one day I can catch up to you all and have several nice bags. I only have a few Coaches right now.
  12. ^^ have you posted in the bag showcase forum? Would love to see your Coaches!
  13. I am embarrassed to say I have 11 Koobas. I LOVE these bags. I have bought some on ebay but only from two trusted sellers. It is true that 95% or more of Koobas on ebay are fake. I love the luxurious leather that reeks that wonderful leather smell. I have had no probelm with durability but I do wish they would tack down that ultra suede lining. Here's some pics of a few of mine.
    And MissyPoo, if you can wait a couple months, A Mini Paige is coming out. It's called a Kelsey and I'd say it's about half the size of a Paige.
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