Anyone out there who owns both LV and Gucci Guccissima leather...

  1. Hello,

    Yesterday I ordered my first LV bag a Speedy 30 mono and a mono pouchette. Anyhow I was wondering what is the quality like compared to Gucci or even Prada. Currently I own several Gucci Leather handbags and a couple of leather Prada's. My only canvas is a Coach and I know that you cannot compare them to LV. In terms of my higher end bags like Gucci how does LV fair in terms of quality. Will I notice a big difference? Some of my Gucci's and Prada's are from the couture line so I am very happy with the level of quality. When my husband got me a canvas coach I noticed the level quality was no where close to my higher end bags(the price difference was huge as well) nonetheless, I love my coach bag. Just want to know what to expect....thanks.
  2. Mono Canvas is a great material, very durable and strong. It doesn't fade or crack as much and as quick as leather does IMO. Also I love it's sheen and look of it, when the sun hits it right.

    However I don't own any Guccisma pieces, so I can't accurately compare, there is just my 2 cents on Mono Canvas.
  3. I think Sandra has Guccissima boston ..She will be able to help you out..
  4. i have a guccissima belt ..and i htink its' not as soft as canvas, its harder.
  5. I have a guccissima bag, I love it. But I wouldn't really compare the two materials -- they are totally different, and equally fine in different ways. LV canvas is more waterproof, guccissima leather is softer and more squishy. I like them both.
  6. Thank you...I am not trying to compare the material but, more the quality. I am wondering if LV holds up better long term than other designer brands. It is nice to invest in piece that if well cared for will last. Some less expensive brands that I have purchased in the past like Coach (sorry anyone offended I also love Coach too!!) have not stood up to everyday wear.
  7. Gucci-- while I don't own any Gussima leather, I do know that the LV canvas is the same canvas that LV uses on their trunks!!! These trunks have lasted decades (LOL just check some of the authentic listings on EBAY!!)

    Also, I know that there are members on this forum that have had the leather trim/handles/piping replaced on their Speedy and the bag looks brand new!!!!!

    So honestly, I wouldn't say that LV is "higher quality" than Gucci but I do think that LV fabric withstands the test of time better:smile:

  8. A Louis Vuitton canvas bag should hold up significantly longer than any leather bag (including the leather bags offered by the house), and should require substantially less upkeep. It is a laminated canvas (essentially vinyl-coated) and as such is remarkably durable, light weight, and weather/water/scratch resistant. Also there is no need to keep the canvas moisturized like you would leather.

    For the longest time I refused to buy the canvas products because I felt like paying that much money for something that wasn't leather wasn't worth it, until I realized that for the purposes (i.e. a piece of luggage I would like to carry for several decades) canvas was in most ways superior to leather. Just because a material is more expensive or "luxurious" doesn't necessarily make it better - you could make a car out of solid gold, but I doubt it would work as well as my steel/aluminum/plastic auto. :smile:
  9. ^^^ Well said, and good analogy. LV taught me that leather is very overrated.
  10. yes, here i am :lol:!

    i find the canvas much more durable than leather and definitely easier to take care of; i'm always afraid that i'll somehow scuff my Guccissima bags. don't get me wrong; Gucci bags are great quality too, but Louis Vuitton bags will probably last longer. people have had to change the leather handles and piping on their LV bags, but the canvas has always remained intact.
  11. Thank you...I noticed a few scuffs around the bottom edges of my large Gucci boston so, I want to put in away for the cold winter months and bring out something durable then I can bring it out in the spring...the daimer speedy also sounds like a good winter harsh conditions type of bag.
  12. oh, the Damier is the all-weather bag :lol:
  13. I have a choco guccissima wallet and i must admit it is quite high maintenance compared to my mono bag - i have to watch how i handle it, the oils on my hands/how i place it inside my bag/etc. The mono canvas is very durable, as durable as the damier if it weren't for the vachetta. I LOVE the guccissima leather on my wallet, so soft and beautiful - but high maintenance as you may know if you own gucci leather pieces. My rule is : get a durable bag and fill it with high maintenance accessories, my only exception is the blk chanel lambskin e/w bag that i'm drooling on!
  14. I have an LV wallet and my boyfriend has a Gucci Guccisima wallet. Both of them are extremely well made. Both are beautiful. Both have held up to daily use. However, the Guccisima wallet has a couple of scratches. My LV does not.
  15. i've got a pair of chocolate Guccissima horsebit loafers and i love them. but nothing beats Monogram Glace/Mat embossed leather in the looks and style department :yes: plus coated canvas (be it LV mono canvas or GG Plus) is more scratch and waterproof than leather. as for construction and overall quality, LV bags won't be around all these years it they're crap. but there's only ONE best way for you to find out.... ;)