Anyone ordered from overstock before?

  1. they have a couple of prada bags that i am interested in but a bit hesitant...anyone ordered from them? just wondering if they are legit....
    thanks so much!
  2. Please post any BAG related authenticity questions in AUTH THIS thread...We can help u better there..We need pics help!
  3. I haven't bought any bags but the other stuff (sheets, watches, etc.) have been fine. Haven't bought any big ticket item though. They are a legit retailer but I don't know about their quality control, product sources, etc.

    I personally don't shop with them anymore. I think their restocking fees are high. Also, one time I tried to get a price adjustment because an item went on sale the day after I ordered it and they wouldn't honor their price adjustment policy (even though I followed every step they listed in their policy). The difference was only $10 but I am concerned of what would happen if I came up upon an ugly situation when they wouldn't honor a $10 price adjustment.
  4. thanks much!
  5. I ordered a YSL bag from there a few weeks ago...Everything was perfect...and I LOVE the bag..I'm usingit on our boat this summer...It's up there snug in her dust bag just waiting for mama to come tomorrow!!! I had no probs w/ this store/'s legit and worth it!