Anyone Looking for (Red) Expandables? or White Caviar Timeless Clutch?

  1. I visited my local boutique and noticed that my SA has all the styles of the Expandable:
    tote (the one with the expandable sides)
    flap (large and extra large)

    she has the red, white, and black. PM me if you are interested. I think the red shoulder tote looked fabulous.

    Also there is a white caviar Timeless Clutch too so if anyone was searching for it, I just saw it this evening.

  2. I am about to return a red expandable to Saks Bala Cynwyd,Pa so I hope one of u will give it a good home!

  3. What made you change your mind?
  4. I love the color and size but I don't like the single snap closure-its too open.Still,It is so hard to pack it back up!!!