Anyone live in Charlotte/Raleigh/Greensboro, NC?

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  1. Do any of you refined, sophisticated ladies live in any of the North Carolina cities mentioned above? My family and I are looking to move from frenetic paced Maryland in the next year and could use some help from a current resident to give us advice as to which city is the best. (NOTE: Charlotte and Raleigh are already high on my list because I did some research and found that they both have Louis Vuitton boutiques!)

    Sorry if this is an inappropriate thread - let me know if it should be closed.
  2. What? You're planning to move?
  3. Absolutely. Do you know I went to my clubhouse yesterday to inquire about the price for a 3-bedroom unit and they told me close to $2,000 per month? WHAT??? :cursing:
  4. aagghh, jazzybelle... time for a larger home for the 3 of you plus the extra twins coming next spring... you'll have no problems finding a gorgeous home in NC... We went down there last year, but it was way out of our league... Anything really is better than Maryland, too crowd, expensive. No place to raise children....
  5. I'm right near there - you'll love North Carolina! PM me if you have any questions, and I'll be very happy to help!
  6. I live down by Wilmington, not where a young family would want to relocate (schools aren't that good, IMO). Over on General Discussion, you'd get some replies. Bagluv and Prada Psycho are both in Charlotte. There's at least one member who is in the triangle area, but I can't recall her name.

    Good luck!
  7. Hi girl, I am in the Triad area (Greensboro, Winston Salem and high Point) however I travel to Charlotte (1 1/2 hour) few times a month to shop at South Park Mall, they have a LV store, Neiman, Burberry etc..and now Hermes will open this Xmas..I can't wait.
    I love NC, this is the perfect place to have or raise your children, I 100% believe cost of living is more affordable here in NC..mainly in the Triad area.
  8. jazzybelle, NC is a great place to live. It's a lot slower paced than MD, but sometimes I think the people are waaaay nicer further down south. My BF has family down there and I visit sometimes. The shopping is ok, but it gets better each time I go.

    Have you tried brookside commons? I don't believe it's that expensive for a 3 bdrm unit, but I have a condo so I'm not really sure about the pricing. Also the Cascades are supposed to be really nice and both of them are gated like Riverside.
  9. :wtf: that is more than a mortgage payment for a 2000 sf house here in NC or you can rent two apartments for that price in a super nice area.