anyone live in a log home?

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  1. We looked at a log home on acreage recently. We really like the cozy aesthetic of these homes and have thought about building one with a kit. Does anyone live in one of these homes? I've read some comments online saying they are poorly insulated and they require resealing of othe logs every so often.
    If anyone has experience living in or building one of these, please share.
    thank you
  2. My neighbor's brother built and lived on one years ago.. From the video he sent her it was one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. She visited him in the winters and said the house was great to stay in. I think they are very well insulated, you have huge logs as barrier walls for the outside. You can also heat it the way you want. I know one person that heats their whole house with just a wood stove in the family room.
    When we first were planning our move here there was a pretty log home for sale, the real estate agent sent me tons of pictures. I loved it. The sad part it was on a dead end street with a house with too many construction trucks parked there all the time.
    I know there are some good log home magazines that give you tons of information on log homes. I have subscribed to them ages ago . You Might be able to find them at Barnes And noble book store.
    I would definitely buy a log home if I had the chance. Good luck.
    Do you have pictures of the home.?
  3. I have no advice to offer, but I would looooove a log home! Nothing is homier or cozier to me.
  4. thanks Gillianna!
    I think we're out of the running for this home. It was beautiful but it was on 8 acres - a lot to maintain; it was at the upper end of our price threshold and it was very isolated. You couldn't even see a neighbor. My gut told me that with the location and also having the bedroom upstairs, I might have a hard time being there alone. We're kind of having second thoughts on it but I think someon else will be getting it. It's a short sale and listing is showing "contingent" now.

  5. I will tell you from my past experience living on so much acreage and being isloated is not a great feeling. We lived on 5 acres off a dirt road with only 2 other neighbors on our road. It was fun at first to have the privacy. But reality set in and the upkeep was hard not to mention all the animals and snakes that lived there too. I did not enjoy being alone on the property when hubby had to travel. We worked from home so he was home all the time and you did not think of how uncomfortable you could be until you were home alone. I think this is why we also had 3 dogs..... When the neighbor moved I had no friends which was horrible because we used to hang out during the day. There also were quite a lot of breakins in the area we lived in because all the houses were on one plus acre and most people worked away from their houses during the day. Country life was not for me.
    ould take more of in town living and being close to shopping then even living far out in the suburbs. We live in a nice development but are only 4 minutes from the main town road which is great.
  6. you're speaking to exactly what I was feeling when we looked at the home.
    It was so beautiful but I was thinking if I were upstairs in the BR alone in the early morning, how would I feel? and during the day if DH was away, would I be uncomfortable going out on my property? we would get a big dog but still...
    Did having your dogs help? I'd want a protective breed.....and large

    Maybe a flat acre or two where you could see your neighbors would be better

    on the other hand, DH is talkng about leaving his job and working from home and if that happened, I wouldn't me alone in the house much at all

    thanks for your insight

  7. We had two beagles and a rottweiler. The rottweiler was so over protective and I felt very safe with him. The female beagle thought she was a big dog because she grew up with the Rottweiler. We also had 2 dobermans but they had to be put to sleep at the age of two due to serious illness. I loved them too.
  8. thanks for your insight Gillianna.
    so sorry about your dobies.....heartbreaking to lose an animal, esp so young