Anyone like watermelons in the winter time?

  1. I do! :biggrin:

    My new baby:

    Coach watermelon key fob! :heart:




    It's SO cute and I love the pink and green combo :love:
  2. Hehe. yep! doesn't it make you excited for nicer weather??? :smile:
  3. i just bought one for $9.99!
  4. I do want a watermelon for winter.. so yummy :woohoo:
  5. Thanks! :smile:
  6. LOVE it, very cute!
  7. I just bought mine on Black Friday at the outlet and since I didn't want to put it on my purse yet I currently have it attached to my Gold Fish keyfob/keys :love:

    Congrats on your purchase!! :yahoo:
  8. I really want a watermelon keyfob to put on my bag during the summer :crybaby:

    I feel like i'll never get one unless I purchase from eBay.
  9. I bought that at the outlets the other day too. It is my first key fob. I couldn't pass it up for $9. Love it:love:
  10. OK That does it! I have to make the trip to an outlet! I want one of these!
  11. yes i love mine! it's my only one, and it's just so cute, sorta makes you happy when you see it!
    I was irritated though because as soon as i bought mine, they shipped em to the outlets, and i paid full price for it! errr
  12. i got the same one!!
  13. i want that...outlets now!!!!
  14. Haha. Reading the title to this thread almost made me drool!! I perked up and said, "Yes, I love watermelons anytime!! In season or not!! I love watermelon!! I eat watermelon every single day, as long as they're sold in grocery stores!!" Then I read further... *lol*

    Yes, I love my watermelon charm!! And I think it's the perfect POP of color on my black signature soft demi.

    Congrats on yours!!
  15. I really need to get to my outlet! So cute! Congrats!