Anyone like Gloomy Bear stuff?

  1. I think they're cutey as plush, but I don't know about a whole bag of them :s
  2. I like the key chains. Those are cute.
  3. yeah its quirky :3
  4. I like Gloomy Bear :yes:
  5. im starting to get into the toys.. they are too funny!
  6. I do! I have a Gloomy Bear mechanical pencil that I got in Japan. I like the contrast of a cute bear w/ scary paws and expression.
  7. The bear is definitely cute.. not too sure as a bag though.
  8. J-List sometimes has Gloomy Bear stuff. You might want to check them out. I also like the contrast between a cute looking bear with vicious tendencies.
  9. It's very cute, but i don't think I'd want a whole bag of it.
  10. I've never seen that before. It's cute. Sort of sickeningly sweet mixed with grotesque.
  11. i love it! i'd buy it if i saw it in a store. i like designer toys & related stuff.
  12. i would have definetly used it a few years ago!
  13. cute!