Anyone know where to find this hoodie?

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  1. That price is hurting my eyes, don't buy it there. I'll look for some online stores to see if they still have them available.

    I can't find any that has that exact hoodie, but I found a few of the other hoodies on has some hoodies, but not that one.

    If you MUST have THAT hoodie, I suggest you wait for another one to come along because $200 for that is just WAYY too much.
  2. Thanks Jessaka you have been a great help!
  3. yeah, that is way overpriced. that sort of thing makes me so mad. that hoodie did not cost them even $100. [or, it shouldn't have.] &that one is sold out most places :hrmm: japanla did still have a few left like two weeks ago, so you could try calling or emailing them.[no online store-which is probably why they still had a couple. ha]
  4. You can find that hoodie in my closet! Hahahahahah just kidding.

    Um... is it the mens or womans hoodie you're looking for?

    I'd go with Taichikomatic and hit up JapanLa they were out of mens but last I heard they still had the womens... and it was def. less than one hundred!
  5. 209? What a ripoff!!!
  6. Tracy is genius. That is all. LOL.
  7. Dangit. The more I look at it, the more I want it. Does anyone think this is too busy? I just like the bullet dudes is all.
  8. i like it but I love my latte hoodie too much to switch out haha.

    209, but 215 with shipping!! WHat a crock!!!
  9. omg- you can get a foresta zucca from another country for that price!! EGADS!
  10. No kidding. I contacted someone asking about a what they would accept for a BIN on a storm hoody. The seller told me 130 + shipping. I was like: :shocked:
  11. ehh idk, if i get any hoodie, imma get the pink peach one lolz. i love me some peaches.
  12. millions of peaches, peaches for you????? Hahahaha is that from a song? I don't know. It just popped in my head.
  13. I seriously wonder how tracy finds all of these things so fast...she even helped me with the sandy hoodie..but I can't buy that yet..

    mamaxjamm: Presidents of the united states of america- "peaches" lol