Anyone know where I can get some paddingtons mocs/loafers?


paper or plastic?
Jun 4, 2006
Well the spring paddington loafers have started coming out and the only store I've seen that has had them in the colour I want is Saks. I placed an order with them but they messed it up and now my size is sold out. (Thanks saks :crybaby:) They call the colour cocker, it's much like whiskey. So does anyone know where to buy them? (I am in Canada) Thanks! :sweatdrop:

EDIT: Topic is supposed to say paddington not paddingtons
Thanks Chloe_Babe and bagsforme, Saks finally fixed it, now I am getting a pair that will be a half size too small (lame I know) but the cobbler is going to try to stretch them! :yahoo: