Anyone Know Where I Can Find a MBMJ Dakota Tote in Canada ???

  1. Ok, I have been looking EVERYWHERE (literally!) for the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dakota tote, in ANY color, but I cant seem to find it anywhere...

    Part of the problem is that I live in Canada, so finding MJ isn't the easiest thing to do ! But I know they have carried them previously at Holt Renfrew, just nothing recently. And I've seen them online at Barney's too, but they no longer have it either !

    Does anyone have ANY ideas of other places to look ???
    Please help I'm desperate !!!
  2. I don't live in Canada, and so am not familiar with the stores there. I recently purchased this bag and so I know that it is available in the US in Bloomingdale's, Barneys/Barneys Co-op, and of course Marc by Marc Jacobs stores. I don't know if any of those options ship to Canada, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to share :smile:
    Good luck. I'm excited to carry mine soon. It will come into rotation in the next week or two....

  3. Awesome, thanks for your help !! I'll check it out, and see if anyone will ship to Canada .

    what color did you get ? I absolutely LOVE this bag ! be sure to post pictures once you get it !!!
  4. I got mouse grey. I did post pics. I'm pretty sure you commented on them too!;)
    Good luck again!
  5. i've been trying to find that bag too!!! let me know if you have any luck