Anyone know when Azur will come out in different handbags?

  1. hi all,
    I know the damier azur came in the speedy, and a few other handbags.
    Is there a complete list anywhere? The LV web site I do not trust (i know). You all, I trust.

    I mean, was there an Alma, anyone know when new azur styles will come ? ?
  2. sporty is coming, but no others yet, that i know of.
    i'm waiting for the petit noe..the regular noe is too large for me...
  3. i think it will come out as time progress, just have to be patient since you can't SO Azur yet anyway.
  4. Definetly the sporty is being for others, right now we just don't know!

  5. exactly!! i want the petit too! Noe is so HUGE
  6. well the Naviglio is come soon, but it's not really a hand bag, just a nice small messenger bag.
  7. Isn't the Hampstead also going to be available in Azur?
  8. omg... :drool: if that happens i will HAVE to have that. i would love an azur ribera mini too.
  9. hmm good to know!
  10. Just saw the Naviglio today and am going to pick it up tomorrow...Nearly flipped my lid when I saw it. Totally didn't even know it was coming.
  11. Who can take or has still a pic of the Naviglio Azur ??? when will it be launched? Can't wait to see it !!!!!!!!
  12. my SA told me that hampstead might come in azur.
  13. hey friend just told me.....she saw an azur bucket in Jakarta Indonesia's on the display of LV this true? anybody knows? maybe they have SO bucket in Asia already?
  14. LV bucket!!??! I might just die if they make that! :graucho:

  15. Here's a pic of mine. I picked it up last month in Feb.