Anyone know what BalNY still has in stock?

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  1. Hi,

    I` m trying to find out the stock at BalNY at the
    moment, anyone know?

    Of course i could just call, but thought that you
    guys would already know it better, and it is
    fun to talk about it anyway.

    Any info?:wlae:
  2. ditto! i'm heading there in a month and would love to know! thanks guys!
  3. Yes, please some info on bbag stock. My nephew is in New york and I was thinking of asking him to get an oval clutch. Any idea if they have it in stock and if yes, what color? Thanks!
  4. As of Friday, they have the oval in white and truffle.
  5. I don't know BalNY's stock, but I just posted Saks New Orleans stock under the "stores now carrying B Bags" section of the forum.
  6. Here's what they told me about their First stock:

    In the first we currently have black, white, truffle, olive brown, bordeaux, oxblood, grass green, seagreen, grey, blueberry, marine, cornflower blue, rust, rouge vif (fire engine red), vermillion red, emerald green, sage green, caramel, sandstone, anthracite, and periwinkle. I've attached a photo of some of these colors, including the reds. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!
  7. If anyone knows what they have in weekenders I'd appreciate it, I would call but the large time difference is making it difficult. Thank you.
  8. Hi Kathy,Do you know if they have sandstone city?Thank you very much:smile:
  9. For those in asia due to the time difference, you can always email them or fax to them for stock enquiry....:smile:
  10. ive read...they still have white and truffle in oval clutch.
  11. Thanks for the info! :yes:
  12. Does anyone happen to know what colors in the Twiggy style BalNY has?

    TIA! :smile: