Anyone know this one?

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  1. Hey guys!

    So I am looking into my first Balenciaga purchase! Although their style has put me off for quite a number of years, I stumbled upon this:


    It's called a '48 Hour' bag in Camel Leather. Anyone know the price of this? Anyone held one/have one?

    Thanks guys! :biggrin:

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  2. ^^ That's from the new collection, so I'm not sure how many of us have seen one IRL. Have you checked

    Good luck...!
  3. I have been to, that's where I stumbled upon it! But it doesn't list a price... Do you have a best guess on how much it would be? There are NO references on the web at all! (Well at least none listing the price...)

    Would you believe that the leather trims would be similar to the Vachetta that Vuitton uses? Or do you believe that it won't 'age'.
  4. It would be pretty with aged vachetta but it looks to be a luggage piece almost.
  5. If its similar to the one Vuitton uses, then it will definitely age/patina. That's what it does!

    I'm not sure how much it'd be, how big is it? Maybe around $1800 brand new? Actually, scratch that. I thought the blue part was canvas, lol. If its Camel leather and vachette, probably around $2000 to $2200ish? Not sure since I only buy the moto bags, heehee.
  6. Thanks unimaddicted & RERE

    Oh okay, that's still within my budget! I was expecting to see a price closer to the $3000 mark. What are "moto" bags?
  7. Wow, is the blue camel leather?? Interesting. Most Bal Moto bags are between $900 and $1795.
  8. moto bags are the city, parttime.first,etc...the common bags you could find at tpf.
    hope it helps:smile:
  9. That's what I want to know as well! Is the camel the blue part, the trims, or both? As long as this doesn't exceed $3000, I should be fine purchasing it! :biggrin:
  10. Thanks RUIRUI

    So 'moto' refers to the leather?

    Edit: Oh! Moto as in motorcycle bags.
  11. ^^ Yup, the good old trustworthy motorcycle line. :yes:

    I hope you get it. I would love to see it on tpf!
  12. It'll have to wait unfortunately! There are no Balenciaga points of sale in Australia... :sad: But this will definitely be one of many bags that will be brought back from Paris early next year! (I know, why plan so early...)

    Are there any other men's Balenciaga bags that you would suggest?
  13. Oh you are a man? LOL yes please!

    Are we in 2010? You mean you have to wait until 2011 to get a bbag? How will you do it...?

    How about the Weekender? That one always looks great on men I think. Is it for everyday use or just for travel? There are a few boys on the bal forum who ROCK bbags... where are they when you need them? :broom:
  14. Haha! I can wait... Another PFer suggested a weekender. Is it a full-leather bag? Anyone own one and can share thoughts or opinions?