anyone know this bag?


Jan 26, 2006
Hi All

new poster here (though have been lurking for a while....)

I saw this on one of my other fav sites ( but haven't seen this bag anywhere in NYC yet. I've been looking for an office bag that is more elegant than a briefcase or my currently overstuffed Mulberry bag. This one seems to suit the bill - has anyone seen it?

Thanks in advance.

Finding the perfect bag for work can be a struggle. Fashion bags - even the big ones - aren't designed with folders, binders and laptops in mind, and most of them aren't the right size to hold everything you need for a day at the office. Kimberly Yurisich of Notting Hill Design was so fed up of this problem that she created her own range of bags for hardworking women. The Tavistock tote (£450) easily holds a 15" laptop or a folder and all your other work gadgets, and has all the pockets you need to keep them organised. All the high quality bags are designed in London and handcrafted in Florence.

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They're not yet sold in the US yet. If you email them, they'll put you on their mailing list and let you know when the line is carried in the US or near you. Until then, I think you can order from their site, just have to pay extra for shipping?
Thanks Blue824

I called them and was told the same. though it seems they are planning a US launch in the next year. They were quite helpful and offered to just charge local shipping costs if I decide to go ahead.

Will let you all know if I take a chance.....