Anyone know of these GUCCI BOOTS? I would die for them!

  1. I'm not up to date on Gucci boots, so I need help-- does anyone know the style and where can I get it????!!

    They're just what I'm looking for- not dressy just reallly cute and casual!!

  2. I doubt they're current season- I'd say eBay is your best bet.
  3. those are super cute, never seen those before ^^ like Valley said, probably from a past season. I love Uggs, but they look way cuter than uggs.
  4. Those were around last Christmas- I have seen them recently in a boutique in the UK. Take it your in the US??
  5. i saw them last christmas
  6. Yes, last winter...I love them too!!
  7. I know someone who WAS selling hers in a size 8 or something..don't know if she sold it or not. I have something similar too..haven't used them yet. Maybe they'll come up with something like that again this winter..
  8. Those are from last winter. Nordstroms had them in black.