Anyone Know How to Remove White Marks on Black Epi Alma?

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  1. I have no idea how the white marks got there, and no idea how to remove them. Has anyone got some tips on how to remove the white marks on Black Epi?
  2. Have you tried baby wipes? I used Huggies baby wipes on my white MC Rita to get rid of the color transfer from my jeans and it totally worked on the vachetta AND the canvas!! Perhaps you can try this too?
  3. Are you sure the black wasn't scratched off?
  4. try baby wipes if that does not work, I would take to LV to see what they can do.
  5. i used the mr.clean magic eraser, just be careful not to rub too much, just enough to remove the white stuff or else the leather will be scratched. Please use my advice at your own discretion!!! It worked for me, but i'm not sure if i should recommend it to everyone.