Anyone know how these Lanvin fit?

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  1. ahhhh I am so jealous. I have wanted those but I need a 38.5 or 39.

    My experience with Lanvin sizing is at least 1/2 size up. I'm a US 8 and take a 38.5 or 39 in Lanvin. These look like they are made of the same material as the flats I have that I sized up a full size. If you are a US 5 I would think a 36 would fit.

    BTW, I think they are available in a 35 in white AND black if you wanted to try the 35. I only see black for the 36 as well.
  2. Thanks meggy, I'm still hesitant to pay so much, maybe cuz I just bought a pair of CL espadrilles and I'm supposed to be on a self-imposed ban. :shrugs:

    My satins in 36 are a bit loose on my left foot (it's a little shorter than my right). I think I need to get a 35.5 maybe, if only they had 35.5! They sure are really cute in white though...dunno how they'd look in black (if the pearl is as visible).
  3. the problem with the site is that there are no returns (and they are overseas). If you don't think they will fit you then I wouldn't spend that much. You won't be happy and won't want to wear them if they aren't the right size!!
  4. Yeah that too makes me not want to buy them. I think I'm going to scope out ebay instead lolz.