anyone know anything about usb cords and digi cams?

  1. my comp,. is not recognizing my usb cord. if i get a new one, should it work? thanks!
  2. I assume you have used this camera on this PC before?

    If you haven't already done so:

    • Re-boot the computer.
    • Try the connection on a different USB port on the PC.
    • Try the connection on a different PC.
    I've never had a bad USB cord, and I've owned a lot of peripherals and a lot of PCs (and Macs) over the years.
  3. I know a little bit from doing some networking

    1. The drivers for your USB ports probably need to be loaded, you can check by going to My computer, then right-click and go to manage and over to the side you should see a list of components that your computer has, scroll down to USB and if it has a yellow question mark then that could mean that your drivers are not install.

    2. If you plug your USB and a popup comes up in the right hand corner of your computer, then click there to install the hardware.

    3. If you have a duplicate USB port and you plug it in there also and it still doesn't work then its definately the drivers that need to be installed.

    I don't think it's a problem with USB cord unless it's all frayed up. But as a last resort you can try that to see if that would solve the problem. When I had the same problem it was coming from my drivers being deleted and I had to re-install them.

    Hope this info helps...Good Luck!
  4. thanks both- i will try these tips now!!!
  5. THANK YOU! I just rebooted and it is working. THANKS SO MUCH!!!