anyone know anything about buccal fat removal/cheek reduction surgery?

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  1. I'm kind of thinking about doing it. I have fat cheeks I think and it kind of gives me double chins when I smile. I really want a more defined jawline and cheekbones, plus a skinnier face overall, but i kind of have this baby fat that covers it all. I want like the slimmer/kind of gaunt cheeks that models have? I know that its cos they don't eat very much haha but I think it's pretty. I don't have a picture right now but I'll post one if needed. Oh and people have told me that my face was kind of chubby/fat. Wah.

    I read $1500-$5000 somewhere. Does anyone know how much it really costs? Has anyone done this and how were the results?
  2. That will go away as you get older probably. I think getting plastic surgery for something like this at a young age is a big, big mistake, because as you age it can end up looking really, really weird.
  3. ^^ I agree. This type of plastic surgery when you are young is something you will regret when you are in your 40's. That little bit of extra fat that you have in your cheeks now, will diminish as you age. But it will also keep you looking younger as you get older too. Without it, smile wrinkles will show up sooner and make you look older. Trust me, when you are in your 40's, you'll be glad for every little thing that doesn't make you look old.
  4. Meep I have the same problem, I think I'd be so much better-looking if I had some cheek definition. Every woman I've gotten changed in front of has remarked "oh you're actually quite thin!", my cheeks are so chubby (strangely I've never heard a man say this...). This may be unhelpful but I don't think you should get surgery. Us chub-faces will just age better. I hope.
  5. Meep I have a round face and big fat cheeks,without being a chubby person so there is a big difference between the face and the body kwim? I also get comments that my face is "too" big. I used to be really self conscious about it. Now I'm 30 and don't look my age at all, and most of the women my age that didn't have my kind of cheeks look decades older than me. Now I see them as a plus point on my appearance.

    Try a different haircut that would flatter your face instead of PS. It is easier and cheaper. And some contouring with bronzers/blushers and highlighters.
  6. i'm thin, and i hate my cheeks! i thought the fat would go away by the time i hit my mid-20s and it still hasn't happened. i look at my family members, and their cheeks sag because of their cheek fat. if someone has a surgeon to recommend, i'd really appreciate it.