Anyone interested in the hidden chain---in red?

  1. Jillian @ Chanel- Palm Beach Garden just received a red hidden chain flap. She said the flap was like the classic flap, only the chain is wrapped with leather. I have never seen hidden chain IRL, and there is little info about it in the forum. I searched "hidden chain", and found steffipb's post about the hidden chain from Lucky(shown below)

    If you love how the chain looks like, definitely give Jillian a call at 561-627-1398! She is a doll:tup:

  2. ^Jillian rocks!!! One of the best SA's out there!
  3. Very interesting! I like the style in the photo as well, and would love to see the flap IRL.
    it is gorgeous in real life- I felt her up pretty bad- I think she was quite offended as she did not come home with me...
    That RED is the best RED SHADE ever.
    The only thing about the hidden chain collection - is the handles on both style bags are too too short.
    The flap looks just like the luz ligne flap- with the silver cc's on the front flap, not like the classic jumbo flaps- its a less structured bag..
  5. I just found the old photos my SA sent me a while ago. From the chain, I guess that is the hidden chain.First two could be the flap, third one is the hobo.


    sab43.jpg sab44.jpg hiddenchainhoboxo5.jpg
  6. That's actually really cool! I like the how big the CC is on the flap. What is the price point on this bag?
  7. 2650 for the flap
    2995.00 for the larger tote single strap
    the green bag in the pic is like 3300 or so
  8. I saw the line at Chanel Beverly Hills last week. They have winter white, black and coral.
  9. I really like these bags...they r growing on me......The hobo is tempting!

    Jillian is the BEST SA EVER!!
  10. Love the hobo!!! :drool:
  11. Oh oh, the flap is calling my name...:banned: