Anyone interested in Goyard duvet covers?

  1. These gave me a laugh. They actually don’t look too bad imo. I found them at Society6.

    93668E6E-857D-455F-9797-154FA7871B92.jpeg 36C227BD-1001-44C4-9518-320F7913EBEF.jpeg 1FE592D4-3750-4243-94F4-F9B5A5B3C53F.jpeg 4985862A-ED78-4D05-9CFF-1F027EFFB8F8.jpeg 3CD253CE-AF03-4A51-AAF3-A7B990AC2AA6.jpeg E0DE9E83-F918-4BF5-9177-DD76753ACA83.jpeg
  2. :shocked::shocked::shocked:
  3. Wow — I just visited that web site and saw pages after pages of items for sale that look a lot like copyright infringement.

    But to your point, it would be nice if Goyard expanded their product offering!
  4. This just makes your bed look like luggage :facepalm:
  5. This is so funny! :biggrin:
  6. :confused1::confused1:
  7. Hilarious