Anyone interested in a Scarf Guessing Game?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I took a day off to spend time with dd. While she taking her afternoon nap, I decided to play with a bunch of scarves and pillows. Just for fun:p, anyone interested in guessing the names of these scarves?


  2. I´m soo bad at names, I won´t even go there but what a gorgeous collection.
  3. Love , Love all your scarves LTC.
    Im not great at remembering names.
    but I think I can see Musique des Spheres, Turandot and, Gastronomy.
    Spelling might be a bit wrong. Cant wait to find out the names of the others!!
  4. Thanks Nola and Raz. I know this is very silly, but seeing all the colours on the bed was just made me smile. DD was quite impressed with my efforts also.

    And yes,

    Musique des Spheres

    are all correct!:choochoo:
  5. Can I see Grande Uniform in there too? I want that one!
  6. I think I see "Bonsai".
  7. I also see Paperoles, Salzburg, Les Amoureux de Paris. BTW, you have wonderful tastes in scarves, and this is a terrific idea for the scarves when they're not being worn.
  8. And I also see Orgauphones et Autres Mechaniques and Fete Venetiennes.
  9. I love your plisse of plats et desserts - I did not know that it ever came pleated. Add that to my list of must haves for my "food" related scarf collection.
  10. ^^^Neither did I. And finally, Chiffres et monogrames.
  11. i had gotten the same three as raz. no fair when HG is playing! lol.
  12. Pleated Paperoles, Grand Uniform, Organaphones et Autres Mechaniques, Musique de Spheres, Salzburg, L'Amoreaux, Turandot, pleated Gastronomie, Chiffres et Monograms, Fete Venetiennes....I can't remember the name of the Asian themed pink one by Musique...did someone already say it?

    Fun idea, licencetocook! I love games like this, and hermesgroupie is right, what a brill way to use your scarves when not on your person.

    ETA: Bonsai! I need to read better! (It's pretty easy to solve after everyone else got there first!)
  13. Oh my goodness. You guys are have already identified all the scarves while I sang my heart out at a karaoke place. You're too good.:tup:

    Here's a list of names from back to front and left to right:
    Musique des Spheres
    Orgauphones et Autres Mechaniques
    Fete Venetiennes
    Les Amoureux de Paris
    Grand Uniform
    Chiffres et monogrames

    Thanks for playing this game.:flowers::flowers:

  14. Sus, I would love to see your food related scarf collection. Do you have any pics? I just started collecting scarves this year, so this is all new to me.
  15. love your scarves