anyone in or ever been to orlando help

  1. who sells baleciaga bags in orlando im going for vacation and i may look at bags so who sells them im going to go to mall millenia so im just not sure what im going to do .
  2. ^Orlando's NM is in the Mall at Millenia- the other anchors are Bloomie's and Macys (Orlando doesn't have a Barney's or Saks). So besides NM I don't think there's a nother Balenciaga retailer in the area.

    Have a good time! Their outlet is one of the best in the country- Dior, Fendi, Barney's, Versace, etc. (probably only behind Woodbury and Desert Hills).
  3. The NM at Millenia didn't carry balenciaga when I was there on a business trip back in November:crybaby: