Anyone heard anything about Dior La Creme

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  1. Actually this might be better in the beauty bar?

    If so please feel free to move it :smile:
  2. It is a great cream and i would recommend it.
  3. Thanks for that, I am going to have to get my hands on some samples I think.

    It hasn't been released here yet!

    Same with the dior forever extreme wear foundation, heard fabulous things but not here till January so keeping an eye on ebay ;)

    We are a bit slow :s

  4. LOL it has been available here for a good few months at least now ! so not only you have to pay higher prices, you have to wait longer too? ridiculous :cursing:
  5. Yeps, this is what we get for being in the Southern Hemisphere. Sales tax is 10% :tdown:

    Sorry to hijack, but i would like some Dior product recommendations for face care. I've only used some Dior products ages ago (nicked some off my mum) and although it the scent was great it didn't really do anything for me. I know i should be asking this in the beauty forum but thought you girls have more experience. :smile:
  6. but we need more info girlie, type of skin, age, smoker non smoker, how much water you drink per day, what products you use at the moment, what your skin care routine is etc :yes:
  7. I was a bit vague wasn't i. Atm i'm using Payot for everything. I have combination skin and there are few spots on the side of my face below my cheeks. My T-zone occasionally gets oily but no blemishes there (knock on wood). On a good day i drink up to 2ltrs of water and i'm a non smoker. I'm after a good day and night cream for sensitive skin.
  8. Aren't you a good girl, I drink lots of coffee no water :wtf:

    I am using the dermalogica kit for combo skin and it's great, has good reviews on makeupalley too :yes:

    I can't say I've found dior skin care anything to rave about, a little too perfumed for my liking (smack my fingers as I say this :shame:smile: but I do like the intensive serum and of course dying to try this new la creme.
  9. PMing you ;) gonna drag a bit more info out of you :yes:
  10. Just make sure your recs are available in slow la la land here :lol:
  11. hey i am a pro, girl you always have online shopping right ? :graucho:
  12. Another one of those "I prefer pure poison" statements hmmm if you know what I mean ;)
  13. of course i do, you know i am all for dirty LOL i didnt see it though :roflmfao:
  14. Sometimes takes a second read :wtf: