Anyone hear from japskivt?

So, I see this thread is over a year old, but I have been missing for so long.

My dad had a heart attack and then I got PG w/ #2. My PG was easy, but there were a few issues with the baby. He is fine now, but he was a month early and is still catching up. So I got PG right after you posted this. I was on bedrest for a while and then work was really busy b/c we had construction in the office. I came back for a bit in the summer, but was so busy moving and getting ready for #2, that I just hadn't been shopping or on the internet. DS was born in September via emergency c-section. A few weeks after that, my DD spent a week in the PICU due to low sodium levels from drinking too much water. I spent my maternity leave with the kids, recovering from a c-section. My DD doesn't allow be to do anything but play, so that's what I did, played with her every day. I just finally got back to work in the middle of January and since life is beginning to settle down, I am back and I am looking forward to catching up on all of the shopping I've missed.

I really missed you ladies and I am so happy to be back.