Anyone having same problem as i????? Neverfull related issue


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Jun 13, 2010

So i am having issues with lv big time. I decided i wanted the damier azur neverfull mm so i went to my nearest lv. When i got there they said that they are experiencing an incredible shortage when it come sto this bag and that i will have to wait for a month and that their wait list is crazy long.
The sa told me that they have a list and that people who leave their card number will have priority and will be called right away, this depends on the number of bags they receive.

I went to three other stores, called to their 866-vuitton phone and got the same answer. I wont lie i think this is maybe on purpose and they plan on launch full scale the bag again for december in order to increase sales?? (perhaps,, dont really know)

as for the card thing i dont know if i should leave it and has any of you been trying to purchase this bag only to come to this?



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Sep 3, 2007
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I wouldn't leave my credit card number with anyone for anything. If you really want something, be patient... you will get it! :smile: You can put yourself on the wait list if you want to, but many LV stores do not call people back for stuff. I would try to get the bag in mid-to-late November or early December. "Everything" should be in stock then.


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May 5, 2008
There are a lot of conversations about the shortage circulating around this forum. I have left my credit card for bags before without any problem.


Jan 13, 2006
I first went to the LV store in Vancouver and they were out of NF Damier MM bags last Saturday. The SA checked the system and told me that there were two at Holt's. So off I went to see this bag. I fell in love with it and bought it right away. I guess I must be one of the lucky few to be able to purchase it on spot without having to wait. I even asked the SA at HOLTS if there was a recent shortage on NF's and she said that there hasn't been. Does anyone know if the LV store or Holt's in Vancouver were recently short on NF bags?


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Sep 9, 2006
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I have left my credit card for bags before without any problem.
Same for me. I did this a little more than a month ago for my Artsy GM, and got a call the next day (which may have just been luck). If you really want it, I would suggest doing this, since it guarantees that one of the bags they receive will be yours. Hope that helps. =]


~~`Suivez Moi`~~
Jun 13, 2010
I have new info!!! I called several stores and asked about the situation. The response i had is that due to the recesion they technically did not make as much bags but to their surprise vuitton sales went up and that they literally sold all their inventory!! Yep
she told me that for the week of thanksgiving things should get better and that for christmas it should be smooth.

I dont know i have a few theories about this whole situation....


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Jan 12, 2007
I think in the colder climates, there are tonnes of azur in neverfull and speedys - here people prefer the ebene in winter so those are sold out! They have a lot of azur NF available here in all sizes!
Jun 5, 2010
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There are a few threads regarding the shortage. It's safe to leave your card number and they should not charge it until your bag is in. You can also keep looking at the website as things have been popping up as available to purchase here and there.


Apr 25, 2010
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I had been looking for the NF damier GM for quite a while. Whenever I rang the customer services, they said they have none in stock online or in any other store in the UK. I was asked to 'keep an eye' on the website. I stalked it for a couple of days and found the bag in stock at 1 AM in the morning! After I brought it, it was out of stock again. You've got to be patient and I'm sure you will find the bag one of these days!
Oct 1, 2009
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I find it easily to get once you leave your card info the item usually pops up within a day or two.. loL... Thats how Ive been getting my items if I feel I cant wait for the Holidays


Sep 16, 2010
There was a GM one on the UK website yesterday so you never know, if you try the website every few hours you may get one??? Good Luck!!! :biggrin: