Anyone having problems with the app?

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  1. Lately I cannot reply to threads in the app. I can quote someone, remove their text, then type my message and send. But if I try to write my own reply, the send button remains inactive. I tried to report it or PM the mods, but that also didn't work. Is it just me? Mods, can you send this through to someone for me? Thanks!

    Maybe I got banned and I just don't know it... People always say I talk too much. ;)
  2. Hi, I don't use the app myself but one thing I read in the feedback forum

    ..was to hit enter (line breaks) 2 times before clicking the send button.

    Not sure if this works though :wondering
  3. Thanks! It's worth a shot.
  4. Works like a charm!
  5. ^Great! :tup:
  6. I was having the same problem. And tonight I finally hit enter and it worked.

    Glad I wasn't the only one :smile:
  7. I had the problem too but will try Ellie's quick fix if it happens again.
  8. I'm currently sick and I though " oh no this sickness is really getting to me. I can't work my iPhone apps". Luckily I accidentally hit enter by fluke and it worked!
  9. Yay ! Works for me now ! No more quotes lol
  10. So glad I wasn't the only one. I genuinely believed somehow that tpf was trying to shut me up! Haha
  11. Haha. I thought I got my privileges revoked bc I didn't comment or post enough. Lol
  12. My thread post count is way off! Why is there two desperate number counts?
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    The app crashed on me four times. And sometimes the pages won't load properly and I get a white screen. I am using the app on the Samsung galaxy note if that helps.


    I cannot access this Rebecca Minkoff topic on the app. It would load a bit, then this message pops up:


    But I can access the other topics just fine. Kind of annoying.
  14. Sigh. I am tempted to remove this app now. I just ran into more crashes, slow loading times and I cannot even access some of the RM topics without the above message popping up again. I have enough of these issues and I hope it gets fixed soon.
  15. My biggest problems are uploading photos, viewing photos or posting replies. They're all sketchy. I've also had issues with PMs. Hm...