Anyone have the Speedy 35?

  1. Lately I've been attracted to bigger bags! I'm on the list for a Damier 30 but now I'm thinking I might want to go even bigger for a mono speedy. Does anyone own the 35? How is it? Do you carry it everyday? Or as luggage? A picture would be great! I really wanna see what it looks when someone carries it!!! Thanx girls!! :smile: :amuse:
  2. I have one. It is kind of on the big side, but it can prolly be used for everyday if you like depending on how big a bag you want. I use mine for travel too.
  3. I do!

    P3261339 (Large).JPG P3261341 (Large).JPG

    I'm 5'5.5" by the way.
  4. I have this bag. It is on the bigger side but it fits so comfortably on my arm. It doesn't look like luggage like some people think (at least not to me). I :love: mine. It can be used as an everyday bag b/c it has a lot of room.
  5. Gorgeous Bag! Looks great on you Kathyrose!
  6. Wow that's one gorgeous bag Kathy Rose! It looks great on you! Of course I'm not quite that long and lean! :sad: I'm barely 5'2 and on the athletic side. I wonder how it looks on a shorter person?
  7. Ellechic, check your inbox, I sent you a pic.
  8. Thanks! I had a 30 for a few days but I love big bags and couldn't get the thought of what if a 35 looks okay still on me and not too big as an everyday bag. So here I am! LOL!
  9. You pull it off very well Kathyrose.
  10. I really love the way that looks! I think this bag might be next on my list! :P
  11. Thanks! I was inspired by the Speedy Gonzalez thread. I didn't think anyone had the 35 or 40 and was disappointed cause I wanted to see pics. I decided then that I'd get one of those and a 30 but ended up with the 35 and 40.
  12. Kathyrose...You Look Fabulous Carrying The 35!
  13. i have a 35 as well and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! it is very spacious-i love big bags!

    btw,kathyrose, you do look awesome carrying your 35! i saw your pics in the other thread but i needed to mention it again!
  14. :shame:

    Thanks guys! I'm taller than the original poster though so I'm hoping that someone else posts their pic with a 35 or that she could find one in the Speedy Gonzalez thread.
  15. I have the 35 and love,love,love it.It is fab-u-lous!
    KathyRose,you are beautiful,and the bag looks great on you!